5:06pm, 19th August, 2016


It was 6 in the morning… I was sleeping and mom wakes me up and says “Get Up, It’s Time.” I was all sleepy and did the 5 minutes excuse but when she said “Dad will get up soon.” There was no option. It was Race Time. The greatest race on the planet was about to begin and Dad made it clear that he would make hell if anybody missed the race.

So I woke up and switched on the TV, put up the channel and waited eagerly for the race to begin. Since India did not win any medals this Olympics, the only thing that would make me happy was Usian Bolt winning the gold thrice and make history in Rio.

We all were glued to the TV when they all walked out into the arena. It was like a gladiator’s entrance. They came out one by one. I was able to feel the intent on everyone’s mind. They definitely had eyes on glory; they were just 10 seconds away from it. None of them was distracted, especially Gatlin and Bolt.

Then came the voice “On Your Marks”. There was pin drop silence throughout the arena. Bolt as usual, looks up, points to the sky. “Set……BAM!”

The whole world watching a race which lasts less than 10 seconds had started. Gatlin got the greatest start and stormed ahead. Bolt, on the other hand had a slow start and was second to last. Fifty meters gone, Bolt starts his pickup and in the next four seconds, He flew and took the Gold in style.

The duration of the race was 10.06 seconds and Bolt finishing in 9.81 seconds. The splits gave me a stunner. I was completely blown away. The Record Is 9.58…I had only one thing flashing in my mind… “HOW CAN THE FASTEST MAN ON EARTH WIN BY GOING THIS SLOW??”


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Dad told me that there is a science behind Bolt’s speed. When asked him, he said “He has another GEAR”. First I thought he talked about their footwear but then I was shown something that blew me away.

The Science behind Bolt’s Speed:-

I will conclude by saying that this is Usian Bolt’s Final Olympics. I’m going to miss this guy badly but on the other hand, I thank him for setting up this level in the Athletics. They say “Records are meant to be beaten”. I really don’t see a guy on this planet even though he’s not conceived beat a ferocious, amazing record like this.

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