8:27am, 15th November, 2017


There are things in life which you cannot avoid no matter how much you despise them. Things which you cannot make yourselves to like but they live with you; they live for you, and they live because of you. Some of the most suitable examples can be the existence of envy in your friend’s heart when you score more than him in a test, or a neighbouring aunt worrying about when or if you are going to get married. And of course, ever increasing number of ads of dating apps on Facebook. Let’s talk a little about the ads.


They are one of the things that are meant for you. They are worried about you, you see. They are sad that you are feeling so lonely. They want you to get someone in your life. They are genuinely worried, it seems sometimes. Especially when the ads start showing in your regional language or in your mother tongue! The text and the pictures (and videos!) forming those ads that appear in your newsfeed seem to cry out loud, if only you have the ears to listen to them, “I have seen this pretty one for you. I know you will love the choice I have made for you. Because I am always correct, you see,” in exactly the same tone and in the same voice as one of your neighbouring aunties or a distant relative who is worried(?) about your personal life more than you are.

The things that are there for you, dangling before your eyes all the time, and are not worth your time and energy cannot create any real problem in your life unless, of course, you start taking them seriously. Imagine a situation where you actually go to see someone who your neighbouring aunt has found most suitable for you! Quite a similar, or even worse, situation arises when somebody – so tempted by the adverts – falls in the trap and installs the app. What happens after that is not something people who use the apps – or the ones who have gone to meet their neighbouring aunt’s choice – would generally wish to discuss.

Well, I am yet to meet somebody who has found someone for himself from those dating apps and is happy with his life. However, there is no denying the fact that nobody is happy with his/her life.

How much good the advertisements of dating apps are doing to the people – and to those who run the apps – is still one of the biggest mysteries of the decade, and it is better if it remains so. The sponsored ads have a mask on, only for the purpose of hauling you towards it and never let you go. Our advice is to try to scratch a little into this mystery of who is benefitting how much if you are about to become a producer or a user of such an app.