10:13am, 4th March, 2018


2 Mins

Startups are like the football game where a bunch of people try over a single idea of scoring a goal but only one of the person finally touches the ball tricky enough to hit into the goalpost. Startups need ideas that are beyond the imagination but the whole concept revolves around the simplest ways.

For a wonderful startup, we need to notice down the silliest ideas that a human brain can take and then indulge into that issue with the most creative and innovative technique. Startups and entrepreneurship are like the very second choice of youngsters these days. The idea to develop is good but everybody of them running behind a goal without caring about perfection has resulted into the devastating statistics of startups failure. Inspite being the most looked upon future goal; startups are yet the most unsafe side that you could choose.
But why does that happen? Why is there so much uncertainty in a career when almost everybody understands the scenario to success? Is there something more about the startups that we still need to look upon?

These are certain questions that we need to ask ourselves before stepping into this vast field of independence. Entrepreneurships can also be termed as independence because there we could decide the best that our heart suggests and finally work upon that.

Startups, first of all, should be treated as the tree which grows through the small seeds of ideas. As healthy ideas we make, as healthy the startup would grow. But this is not the ending about how to evolve into the infinity of entrepreneurships. We need to frame ideas in a way that work out. To have an idea that is unique is a very good thing but to transform that idea into certain outcome is what startup success is all about. These visions are merely seen in every of the new minds that we encounter. Before judging our own ideas as the consumer so as we could clearly look upon the negative aspect, we focus on being the leader and blind ourselves enough to not see the other side of the coin. That detains the level that we acquired while innovating an idea.
As for example, Facebook- the most used social platform was only an idea unless and until several engineers worked upon it day and night to finally make it a possible venture. They turned an innovative idea into an innovation through the slow and steady path of hard work and critical analysis upon their work.

Similarly, whenever we look upon the ideas that we wish to transform into a startup should not only be seen through our perspective. It must be viewed as the consumer perspective as well so that we could realize about the minute gaps that we miss to fill before constructing the complete hollow bridge. There should be a dedication to transform an idea into a happening through every aspect that our mind can look through. There should be two visions before presenting a startup as an idea to the world. The first vision should be of the present where you can listen to the criticism and work sincerely to transform that into the best idea ever been given. While the other perspective should be of the believe that it is only your hard work that can transform it.
And the failure of startups is observed only because of the lack of these little yet crucial parts of thinking which must be brought into vision. Once we adjust our mind to think so sharply in the field of startups and entrepreneurship, then we could turn any blunt knife of idea into the sharpest sword of startup opening that ever came forward.