11:00pm, 8th July, 2016


It’s time we question the vested interests of people and media who promote ‘Islamophobia’ and say that Muslims are terrorists and that Islam is a terrorist religion. 

What a shame it is to live in a world where each bomb that explodes, each fire that burns and each cry that is heard is credited not to a group of heartless hyenas but the followers of a particular religion- a religion that preaches peace – Islam. How do we tell the world that this word, ‘Islamophobia’, that was coined in the United States of America after the 9/11 attack is actually an exaggeration of threats faced in the world today?  Two well recognised Islamist groups that are known for terrorising the world in the name of Holy Jihad are Al Qaeda and Taliban. But how many of us are aware that only 6% of the attacks that the world faces today are by Muslims?


A minority group in the States named Latino is a major threat to the world. They comprise of Roman Catholics who are descendants of people of Spanish speaking countries of South and Central America and Iberian peninsula. They were responsible for the violence from Puerto Rican separatist groups in 1980.


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Coming to the followers of Judaism, the Jewish extremists proliferated due to Jewish political and religious movement called Zealotry. This was the 1st example of terrorism. They are the creators of mayhem in the holy lands of Israel and Palestine.

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Communist Terrorism.

There are some people as well who are in the forefront of establishing a socio-economic order by common ownership of means of production and consumption. They are often referred to as The Communists.

The heart wrenching Cambodian genocide was the deed of Communists. From 1975 to 1979, Khmer Rouge, a heinous Communist regime which came to power due to regional instability, wiped out 21% of Cambodia’s population. S-21, one of the notorious Cambodian prisons was known as a torture and interrogation centre. Also, most Cambodian villages and prisons had a killing field, the place where those who were sentenced to death were taken for execution. They were ruthlessly made to dig their own graves. And do you know what is the most inhumane of this all? Only 5 people have been brought to justice for the Cambodian Genocide.

Now, turning to the Left Wing Extremist Groups who are attributed to the Marxist-Leninist terrorism, we get to see that their actions are meant to overthrow the capitalist systems all over the world and replace them with socialist societies. The Naxalites in India and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (a group of the Sri Lankan Tamils demanding a separate state) are well known examples.

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The Red Army

Could anyone have ever thought in the wildest of their dreams that an army could pose a threat to the wellbeing of the world? The International terrorist group- Red Army Faction was formed in 1970 after breaking away from Japanese Communist League. This group is headed by Fuasko Shigenobu, believed to be in hiding outside Japan. They wish to remove the established Japanese government and monarchy. Shigenobu became close friends with an influential member of the Popular Front for Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), Leila Ahmed, as reported by The Brown Political Review. The two women together created a strong bond that defined their pure Marxist, anti-imperialist movements. Together, their mission was “to consolidate the international revolutionary alliance against the imperialists of the world.”


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Racial Terrorism

Who would have known that a day would come when racist ideology would give birth to the concept of White Supremacy. This view is cornered on the belief that the whites are superior in race and blood, far ahead of the browns and the blacks. A study by The New American Foundation reveals that the White Americans are one of the biggest threats breathing on the US soil. Almost twice as many people have died in attacks by Right Wing groups in America.

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Animal Lovers

There are enthusiasts all around the globe who are concerned with the health, safety and psychological wellness of animals. They enrol themselves in what are commonly known as ‘Animal Welfare Societies’. These groups can sometimes take violent forms. One such is the Animal Liberation Front- an international, leaderless resistance that engages in illegal direct action in pursuit of animal rights. They pose a threat to the peace of the world.


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So do you see? Do you? If you have been a stereotypical critique, it’s time you change your mindset towards people who wake to the melodious sound of the Azaan, the people who abide by the peace keeping principles listed down in the Holy Quran and the Hadith, the ones who believe in a different way to communicate with the Supreme Power.

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