10:26pm, 10th December, 2016


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As I begin writing this piece, I have already made my peace with the fact that I may be judged for my views on one of the most taboo subjects in our society, sex. Yeah…so now that you have sensed the sensationalism of the post, go on, read it further.

Our conservative society tries hard to convince us into believing that sex is dirty, evil and something to be ashamed of. We are raised to believe that sex is something that should be spoken of in hushed tones and never in public.


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By the time we grow up to have an independent thought process of our own, our mentality already has taken the shape, the society wants it to. Our ideologies become so influenced by the environment we are brought up in that we fail to see things in a different light. And this is how people go on believing that sex is uncouth. It’s funny how our society makes us feel disgusted over the main reason behind our own existence. The only time sex is not despised by the society is when it is seen as a way to reproduce. Even thinking of sex as a means of pleasuring yourself or of showing your love towards your partner makes you a dirty character in the eyes of the ever judgemental puritan society.

Nobody will ever tell you that wanting sex is perfectly okay and natural. Sex is a necessity just like food and water. And no, it is not just a means to procreate and produce an heir to your family name. Its okay if sex is just for your pleasure and nothing to be ashamed of.


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I had a notion that my generation has grown out of the misconceptions created by the older generations. But so far, my interactions with people my age have only made my belief stronger that we are still far from being labelled as sexually aware and independent individuals. Especially women, they are still so caught up in pretending to be chaste , pure creatures that they continue to suppress their sexuality all life long. Forget about expressing their desires, a majority of them refuse to admit that they ever feel the need to have sex. Because why not, we are innocent indian girls. We will preserve our virginity for a third of our life for our future husband whose score is already in 100s. And even with our spouse, we will continue believing that sex is only for the pleasure of men; for women, sex is an obligation and a part of their wifely duties. And we sure don’t know anything about female masturbation. Yes , we are shocked to our core, whenever someone mentions it. Yes , we have just grown up to be adult women with no regards to the needs of our body and we also pretend to know nothing about sex because that’s how the society will accept us as women of good character. Yes, we are educated ladies but still we will call that one girl, a whore ,just because she doesn’t shy away from embracing her sexuality.


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Yes, sadly , that is how most people think. And if that is the mindset of my own generation, what is to be expected from our parents’ generation? It is this mentality that has prophesizes that premarital sex is satanic and trivialises the concept of marriage as a license to have guilt free sex. If only we as a society were more vocal , accepting and informative about sex, so many teenage pregnancies, sexual crimes and spread of STDs , that happen only because of lack of awareness, could be avoided. But our society has made everything related to sex , a taboo. This is partly the reason why most of the sexual crimes go unreported, because the victim doesn’t receive any support or sympathy; only disgust and ridicule.


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We need to stop sensationalizing and scandalising sex. We need to talk about it more. Sex is not a taboo, so its high time we stopped treating it like one. So go on, embrace your sexuality and be comfortable with it .

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