2:32pm, 8th March, 2018


6 Mins

Here we bring for you another beautiful animated short film from our Kitty- NAAZ

This short film by Vidushi Yadav follows the story of a woman named Naaz. It is a heart wrenching depiction of how women who are denied love and affection in their childhood grow up to become insecure and start loathing themselves. We only accept the love we think we deserve . This film beautifully picturises Naaz’s complex character, who struggles through a troubled childhood in a family that consists of her depressed mother and an alcoholic father. Throughout her life, Naaz craves for love but she never gets it. She grows up to believe that she is unworthy of love and willingly gives herself to whoever shows an ounce of affection or care for her. In order to protect herself from the harsh realities of the world, she carves out a wall around herself. Tired of her insecurities , she gives up on love. But then , a man comes into her life. He promises to give her the love she has been desperately seeking all her life. But she is so scared of being deceived, so unsure of her worth, that she prefers to stay locked up in her own boundaries rather than take a chance at life. She loses against her inner demons and lets go of the love she craved so much for.

So many women can identify with Naaz’s story. There are a lot of women who go on living a loveless life because they don’t think believe they deserve more than that. A woman will give you everything in return for a little love and affection. The most prominent force in a woman’s life is the desire to be cherished for what she is. When her need for affection is neglected, she starts doubting her worth. And such women often miss out on great opportunities of a better life because they are too afraid to take the leap of faith. Because they have believed in their fears for so long, that they fail to recognise a silver lining in the grey clouds.

This women’s Day, let Naaz’s story be a lesson to you that you will learn to cherish and love yourself even if no one else does. That you will not settle for anything less than what you deserve. That you will dare to hope, and have faith in yourself , no matter how hard life may get for you.