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Amazed by the title, aren’t you? ‘World in the Loo’! You might have guessed what I would be discussing in this article. Have you? And I bet that most of you might be agreeing with me. Hey, don’t hide that smile beneath that notebook. We have all had our own experiences with our smartphones in the loo. Do you remember anything humorous right now? If not, the disaster hasn’t happened to you yet. Lucky chap there!

These days, people have become a lot more demanding. Do you know what expectations different people have from the loo? Almost 19% of the human population wants smartphones with WiFi. 14% want newspapers, another 14% require a magazine and another 14% want a television. How absurd, isn’t it? But it’s the picture we painted ourselves. This isn’t the end, my boy. 12% are in dire need of music!

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You’ll be rolling on the floor to know that people post on social media while in the loo. But, don’t be hypocrites. Don’t you do it too? 10% users post on Facebook, 4% on Google+ and while 2% do on Twitter, another 2% on Linkedin. A small world of the loo we can call it.

Your smartphone might have distinguished and wondrous uses in the washroom. Most of the users, almost 25%, use it for chatting with friends and family. A huge percentage (approximately 19) constitute the gamers. About 4% of the selfie queens and kings utilise the time for star-struck entries. They click selfies and post it over the internet. This is not all. 1% of the users also indulge in conference calls for work while in the loo.

Well obviously, the loo is no heaven. Mishaps happen. Do you know that about 25% of the users have dropped their phone in the toilet? Out of this 25%, 92% were Android users and only 65% of them could retrieve/restart their phones. Want to take a risk still? Go ahead. I say this because even after presenting such a data, I have stats which state that 92% users worldwide have claimed the use of their smartphones in the loo while only 8% did not! I guess, this is what we call the technological era. Also, a survey confirmed that people just love using smartphones in the loo.

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When being inquired about the frequency of use, 47% of the users vowed to use their smartphones daily while sulking in the loo. 26% of users said that they go with their smartphones weekly to the loo. 25%, just a slight drop, claimed to have used their phones once in a while, while in the loo. The technologically alienated 2% users use their phones in the loo once in a lifetime!

Out if the so many people who have access to a sea of information that is available on the World Wide Web, 59% use it for social media like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram. 42% and 22% people use it for texting and emails respectively. That’s not enough. The 12% people who desire pleasure straight when the sun goes up, even watch porn.

In no time, the loo will become another world. A world where we would go to escape the real world. The real world where the harsh realities of life have to be faced and accepted with courage.

But don’t you think that it is due to lack of time in the real world people seek a shelter in the virtual one? And why can’t the virtual world be in the isolated and private loo?

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