7:56pm, 13th September, 2016



After a Canadian man admitted to have smoked weed in the past, a lifetime ban from entering the US has been imposed upon him. Such preposterous incidents bring into light the manner in which laws are being put into practice.

A dad wanting to take his excited daughter to Disneyland now can’t enter mainland US for life unless he applies for a special travel waiver, which an expensive affair for smoking cannabis in Canada where the laws are different. Now that LGBT marriage is legal in America, it’s like banning a gay wedded couple from entering India or any country that hasn’t the luck of legalizing gay marriage.

Matthew Harvey, the alleged ‘criminal’ was heading to Seattle, where the consumption of cannabis is legal. “They said that I was inadmissible because I admitted to smoking marijuana after the age of 18 and before I’d received my medical marijuana licence,” he said.


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“Of course I’d smoked marijuana, Canada didn’t even have a program back then. I smoked marijuana recreationally. I guess I should have basically lied because now I am inadmissible apparently,” he added.

The US and Canada marijuana border issues are to be resolved for to prevent such incidents from occurring in the future. Canada has flexible marijuana laws and for Canadians traveling to the States this has proven to be a major issue.


In addition to this, Malia Obama, Daughter of the POTUS has been spotted smoking pot while ironically wearing a ‘smoking kills’ T-shirt in an image that has been proved to not have been photoshopped by celebrity photoshop experts. The United States of America should now stop with the hypocrisy and work on bettering their border laws on marijuana.


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