2:03pm, 20th November, 2016



The hype was on the air since August about Coldplay’s debut gig in India. We were all high since the first rumour of their performance, but what is it to experience them? Shaking the butt unconsciously for hours, waiting for them to appear once on that goddamn stage in front of your eyes and make you dance.

You always wanted to fly with the magical beats of Viva La Vida and Fix You, then it is the time to cheer for Mumbaikars because they are probably living their dream right now.


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All of us were busted by that 25k ticket price rumour. However, the COLDPLAY organiser offered free passes to social workers. This has proved to be a highly appreciated initiative and gained a lot of popularity. Other than COLDPLAY, Mumbai is witnessing sparkles in the sky Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan, Jay-Z and A.R. Rahman in the Global Citizen festival.
Back in 1996, 2 ‘pioneers’ Chris Martin, a vocalist and keyboardist and a lead guitarist Jonny Buckland started the British rock band, COLDPLAY and started their journey to carve the history. They suffered a bit in their initial times with co-ordination within the band. Later, with their music, for lack of better words, they pushed forward evolution itself.
If you are reading it, then you have probably not attended the concert. It’s okay; I’m writing this and haven’t been to it too: I’m stuck with examinations and going through a financial crisis, yeah half of India is BROKE!But it’s okay! We can make another lavishing plan to witness THE Sunburn in Pune this #NewYear !


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