6:15pm, 5th November, 2016


You’ve seen him as an enemy of the USS enterprise in the 23rd century, you’ve seen him as a mathematician in the 1950s and even as a ‘high functioning sociopath’. Now he’s even a supreme sorcerer with unlimited wit, sass and sarcasm. That’s right folks Benedict Cumberbatch’s debut into the MCU as Dr. Stephen Strange is finally out and is definitely worth watching.

Dr. Stephen Strange, a renowned neurosurgeon after a car accident loses the ability to properly use his hands and is rendered incapable of conducting any more surgeries. After spending almost all of his money on all kinds of medical practices with no positive results he turns to Jonathon Pangborn who mysteriously regained the ability to walk after having injured his spine. Pangborn urges Strange to seek a place called Kamar-Taj for help. What Stephen Strange finds there forces him to forget everything he has ever known before and question his knowledge of the world.

Since the movie revolves around mystic arts it involves various effects and visuals that are sure to make you feel dizzy. Since the movie is officially a part of MCU it involves many winks and nods towards the avengers throughout the entire movie and obviously features a cameo by the one and only Stan Lee. Not only did I find the movie inspiring and jaw dropping but the movie does not fail to tickle the funny bone of the viewers. If you pay fair attention to the movie, you’ll see there are quite a few life lessons to be learned from it.

Not giving any extra details away but when you do go to watch the movie remember that there are 2 post credits scenes to watch out for after the movie!