12:47pm, 6th October, 2016


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UP elections have always been interesting. Every party leaves no stone unturned to take an advantage of each and every issue or an event.  Every leader tries hard to influence the voters and boost the image of his party by any mean , be it Ayodhya, Muzzafernagar or Ram Mandir. The most recent talked-about incident is the Surgical Strike conducted by Indian Army along Line Of Control (LOC).

This incident will definitely boost the image of BJP and it will help the party in assembly elections in UP. As right after the Uri terror attack, the BJP led government was criticised by the people on social media.PM Narendra  Modi was specifically ridiculed  by referring to the delusion of 56” chest. But, as soon as the surgical strike was conducted he got his place back, which is on the top.


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PM Narendra Modi will lead the election campaign in UP and he will definitely add National Security to his agenda for the campaign. On this particular front, no other party seems to deal with BJP. Sending a clear signal to this effect, party president Amit Shah said; “It is for the first time, in this frontal fight against terrorism, India under the leadership of prime minister Modi is feeling secure.”


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This will help BJP a lot because the surgical strike has added a unique agenda of National Security to its electoral campaign. Besides, they already had development and good governance as their agenda. This incident will be glorified by BJP leaders because now they have a copy write to attract UP voters by milking this incident as much as they can and other major parties like SP, BSP and Congress seem to be on back foot as they have no such agenda.


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