7:42pm, 11th December, 2016


Laws and their implementations are always mounted with some future hopes and certain questions rose on them. And this is exactly how the democracy works.

Around one month ago, our honourable Prime-minister Sri. Narendra Damdodar Das Modi, on a sudden announcement declared the Gandhi series of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 of null cost! A mere piece of paper which people can exchange in the banks and post-offices to get the legal notes.

After that certain announcements and declarations issued by the Reserve Bank of India, queues can be seen in the towns and villages ahead of banks, ATMs and post-offices. People rushed there to get the exchanges so that they can carry out their lives easily.

Certain deadlines were also dictated by the government for these currency exchanges and deposits which are modified almost every week. Days are reduced to a period which ended up a few days back for the exchanges and certain certified shops and stations were allowed to take the notes and give facilities to the 1.2 billion people of the country until 2nd of December.

It was hoped that those people who have kept a huge amount of unrecognised currencies as in a form of black money will get exposed and those currencies would either get void or can be used for the welfare of the country. It was also seen as a huge step to stop terrorist funding which eventually will stop terrorism.


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And now, the step seems to get huge in the walk against corruption and terrorism.

The GDP of the country is expected to boost up in the upcoming years at a great stage. According to a hope that the World-bank has expected, this only step can take India’s upcoming future to an evolving day tomorrow.

In the month followed with the announcement, the opposition tried every measure to condemn the government for this sudden ban and certain allegations also followed their words. Both the houses of parliament have worked almost nil in the new session and those crores of rupees which are of the common man, are getting no attention. No debate is being carried out and no one is either ready to hear what the ruling party has to say.

The most common allegation made is the problem faced by people in the queues and around banks. Certain people also died in the gatherings gone out of control.

But can we expect any sun ray without those clouds being peered?

No doubt that the people are facing difficulties and will be facing too; but almost every of the common person can see a brighter future ahead. Every of them know that a scratch today will prevent them from deep wounds ahead.

India is growing and so has the decisions taken for it, be grown too. Hardships for a few days will eventually come and certain martyrs will lose their body at the border but one day, the finest of all, there would be no sadness smoking with the air of the nation and no barriers between the poor and the rich.

Let’s hope for a shine tomorrow, standing in the queues today!


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