8:33pm, 5th September, 2016



Madhya Pradesh government has always been in a pitiful state when it comes to primary and elementary education contradicting their own claims about their state. The education department has closed their eyes to the fact that a strong building can only be sustained by a strong foundation, hence the compromised situation of the education in M.P.

Madhya Pradesh might not have faced problems like Naxalism or terrorism , but has faced the biggest issue of all, lack of proper education, hence leading to the continuous downfall of the literacy rate of the state over the past few years. Harnessing the primary education in a state that would rather spend all the funding on providing gizmos to the well off schools and colleges rather than providing the middle primary schools with basic amenities of electricity and proper classrooms .


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A recent survey by government school teachers in various parts of the state brought the dark sides of the story to light. Under the Government of India’s Right to Education act , there is no proper funding provided to the government schools. Hardly the government pays enough amount to the school to carry out its basic functions throughout the year.
The schools lack proper electric connections. Without electricity, it is very difficult for the teachers to carry out the classes. The government has given the provision of so-called “ mid-day meal” to the students from BPL and other poor families. Most of the times , either the school fails in providing the meal or the meal that is provided is of so poor quality that even the poor kids refrain from eating it. Next, comes the problem of educational services like providing books and uniforms to students for free of cost since education is free and compulsory for all the children , but apparently it turns out the school authorities would rather fill their own pockets up than catering to the needs of the poor kids. Many of the schools in the state don’t even have a proper boundary and lack fans and tube lights forcing the kids to be a victim of the heat in skin burning summers.
The schools when questioned upon by the surveying teams , provides them with false statistics and eventually it’s the poor kids who face the loss for nothing.
As funny as it sounds, Madhya Pradesh government’s education department is a huge contradiction in itself. When on one hand such sorry state of the primary or base building education of the state can be witnessed, on the other hand, the government spends a huge amount in buying tablets and gizmos for the university students who are a lot many times better off than the kids at a government school. This is nothing but sheer ignorance of the government.
It’s time government start thinking about solidifying the base and conducting a clear analysis for the overview of the problem and take honest concrete steps to solve it. The funds should be directed and used in the right direction and the education ministry should take all the necessary actions for the betterment of primary school education.

It’s about time we put our education to some better voice and raise our voices for the justice.