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Masturbation, defined in Oxford dictionary as an act of “Stimulation of the genitals with the hand for sexual pleasure,” is something now you can do in ‘Public’ if you are in Italy.

In the case of a 69-year-old man Identified as Pietro L. who was caught Masturbating in public last year, the Supreme Court of Italy, La Corte di Cassazione has ruled that Masturbation in public is not a crime unless done within the sight of minors.

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The previous year in May, Pietro L. was pronounced guilty after he was seen “taking out his penis” and found “playing with oneself” in front of students at the University of Catania grounds.

And, he was sentenced to three months in prison and fined €3,420, which in Indian currency is approximately ₹2,40,000.

However, after the supreme court upset the past decision of the lower court, now Pietro L. will receive a compensation between €5,000-€30,000 for the damage, somewhere around ₹3,75,000 and ₹22,54,000 in Indian currency, as reported by Foreign Media.

According to British Media house The Independent, The supreme court judges noted the fact that Italian Parliament has passed a law last year which decriminalises the offence lurking in places frequented by girls in order to be seen masturbating, and hence turned the earlier verdict.


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Meanwhile, different Italian lawmakers who are unhappy with the decision have accused the Prime Minister Matteo Renzi and his Government of being ‘pervert sympathisers’.

Forget about public masturbation, autoeroticism itself is considered an immoral, and indecent exposure in many countries including India. Masturbation can even take you behind bars.

Well, now you know, if you are passionate enough for your “self-pleasure” in Public, Italy is your next travel destination.

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