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Dear Prime Minister Narendra Modi sir,


My name is Prasad. I have a small industry in Balanagar Hyderabad. My industry turn over is about 2 lakhs per month. This means per year it is 24 lakhs. Honestly and truthfully with all the exemptions I should be paying about 3 lakhs Income Tax to Government. But I just pay 30,000. Why?

I was born in a middle class family and with hard work and studies I came up well. Initially I did some job for a living but after saving every paisa I have grown to the level of having my own start up industry. About 1 lakh is enough to take care of my family’s needs and other 1 lakh I invest (either in gold or shares or buying lands).

In the one lakh I spend for family, about 30000 is going indirectly in some form or the other to the government. From groceries to TV to mobile I am paying 20 to 30% of spending in tax only. If I enjoy a small party of say 3000 on drinks about 60% is going as tax to government.

Buy a car, there is road tax, get on road there is toll tax. Are we not ripped off sir?
Even for a liter of petrol I am having pumped about 30 rupees is going to government as tax. When I bought the car in form of taxes alone I paid about one and half lakhs. For a plot I paid 1 lakh as registration fee. The colony I am residing does not even have a road of any standard and hence I paid 50,000 as development fee.

After seeing the plight of patients in government hospitals and knowing well the looting well the looting nature of private hospitals, I took a health insurance policy for my family members and shamelessly even on that I am charged a service tax.

Like robbers every where I am taxed. Even in graveyards government is taxing people. But what is this government doing to us in return?

Do we have confidence that our children will learn anything if joined in a government school? Are we assured to come home alive if we go to a government hospital? Other than country’s defence and laying roads we are not understanding where the developments works are going. Buy a car, there is road tax, get on road there is toll tax. Are we not ripped off sir?

Where is the money we are paying in taxes sir? If I have to raise salary of the employees in my industry I appraise their work and give an increment. But what are the governments doing? Even if a government employee works or not they get the same salary and same increment. Why is it that our money is so cheap, sir? On top of it taking our tax money as salaries people don’t do our work. If office is at 10 people come at 11 and wont move a pin without bribe. So, tell us sir, why should we pay taxes? If my industry has to get uninterrupted power I need to pay bribe. In all I pay around 10000 as bribe per month. How can I show this bribe in white, SIR??

Simply for this reason we hate to pay tax to governments sir. That does not mean I have no social responsibility, sir. I gave 10000 when you have appealed to help for the army fund. I give 20000 a year to an orphanage in my neighbourhood and gave a donation of 1 lakh in the name of my father when people of my village said they will uplift the school. But sorry, I don’t have same heart to pay tax to government, Sir!

Anyways, this is past. Now we will see everything in white. Since you have taken the call, I will pay 30% tax in the 10 lakhs I have and change it to white. But can you guarantee me that I don’t have to pay the 10000 bribe I need to every month? Or will you permit people to take bribes too in the form of cheques?

And I did not talk about leaders…from street leader to MLA for all the elections for all the parties I should give funds. If not I am doomed. Will you bring an act to such people to accept funds in the form of cheques? Will the party funds be revealed to public?

Already we are paying so many taxes and tell us how is the government serving us. We wont pay taxes for the luxurious life of politicians or for salaries of government employees sir. We will try to not pay as much possible.

In another 10 years the country will see again a huge rise of black money. Will there be demonetization even then? This is not why we have elected you sir. Win our trust, do justice for the taxes we are paying first, then people will repose faith in the governments. We are ready to support you, and waiting to see you act!


Fan, and a voter



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