6:02pm, 15th August, 2016


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Dear Dipa,
This is a letter or you can call the sequence of words expressed by a citizen of your country on the day of Independence.

We group of people were in Hauz Khas Village (One of the most happening places in the capital city , where people socialize, dance, mingle, booze etc.). The place is such that you can’t expect anything more than the DJ dance party. We have been frequent there but 14th Aug was slightly different and unique. I could say we observed something similar enthusiasm similar to Cricket. We were just about to reach our 69th year of independence and people were in a crowd in front of big and small screens. People were tempted and asking scores. But this time it was not cricket, it was Rhythmic Gymnastics that you have just performed. Cricket lasts for more than couple of hours and the sensation of scores fluctuates now and then creating an uncertain anticipation. This game was just 1/10th of time and created the similar rhythm among all of us.

After you performed the “Vault of Death” and landed safely, it was a charm that appeared over the faces of every Indian and the people who were present in Hauz Khas Village. Few Drunk, few were singing and dancing, in fact, few passed by the screen ignoring . But most of us stopped and saw you Live on the screens. Media has made this Vault as a “death Vault” and actually it is. But you know your citizen fellows, how concerned they become when they came to know that a young lady is performing this Vault, just to make sure that we can earn a Gold in the Olympics. And if you could see, we all were concerned.

So after you geared for the run, firstly we were just concerned that you land safe and nothing else struck us whether it’s a performance for gold or Silver. You made smooth, beautiful somersault and landed Safely and immediately went back to your Coach. Then, after that, as you were praying and looking up to the almighty, we all were looking up to you and praying for you. Believe, we were eager for the scores more than you, though we have no idea how these scores and evaluated. To be true, call it our ignorance or negligence that we have never tried to learn how gymnastic scores being calculated. But yes, thanks to media that helped us knowing somewhat about basic scores parameters. The continues replay were being shown from all the angles that how you have finished the Vault. That made us worry again and again. People start analyzing what score our Dipa would grab. Few even googled about how the score is evaluated at the same moment and place. And the guess score chants are infinite, you know this very well. You and your coach just looking up having wet eyes and we were in the same, just we were far away and expecting to double our 69th Independence day celebration. Don’t think we are sad and disappointed. And the score came as 15.066 points and you know what we cheered for Dipa as loud as possible. And we waited and saw how Russia has performed in the competition. Was she better than Dipa? Chants around roared “No”, and said “Dipa hai, tod performer hai, gold to pakka hai”. You know your lovely citizens, how overconfident speaking they do and how optimistic they are! And at the end, you made us proud.

Dipa Karmakar of India poses with her medal after winning bronze in the womens vault final of the Artistic Gymnastics event during the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland, on July 31, 2014. AFP PHOTO / CARL COURT (Photo credit should read CARL COURT/AFP/Getty Images)

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Best part, the whole facility issue, and others things will be solved and you can train as many as Dipa you could. In fact, you must have already been chosen as a brand ambassador for health and fitness products. You know, it’s the world of money making.

So , Dipa you know what you did and gave to this country. First, you made us realize that anything is possible. We know we have been ignoring you since long and we came knowing you after Rio selection in Gymnastics. You have been preparing for this since you were 6, without any basic infrastructure or funding support. It has become our habit that we only salute the shining star. You can’t help, just you have to accept us your lovely Indian Citizen.

Second, you have performed this with 100% risk of life. We could say and we could only say (do nothing as such), you have done, what you could have done based on the support and facility you have been provided. It has made us aware and awakens about many of such sports apart from bat & ball. And questioned about the future of sports in our country. For sure, it has made people realize about where and how we are going to channelize our efforts in future.

Third, you know we had something very new and amazing to cheer for. And we did it actually! Especially for this app generation. Standing in front of screens and cheering for sports, we ignore or never paid attention so far. Same adrenaline rush standing and seeing Gymnastic on to the screen and TV placed on Roadside. Thanks to Media for putting proper light and coverage on this. This will for sure create an opportunity for people who are interested in these sports and skill.

Fourth, you gave us more than a Gold Medal. Hope! In this Independence, we will be celebrating you, your sacrifice and efforts.

The best observation that we noticed that when you were taking a run, we felt that the super athlete from India is running rather a woman or man.

Thanks Dipa,
A true happy Independence day!

Fellow Indian Citizen


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