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With the dawn of the sun in this morning, the living legend turns 51! It may be just another Wednesday for ‘some’ but it is the festival of the year for many. There is an unorganized fest out there in Mumbai’s lanes: outside MANNAT! No one invites them, no one organizes them, and then what is it, which draws the largest gathering of warmed hearts, chanting only one name: SRK!

We all have cried with him, laughed with him and for most of us, we have spent the most beautiful memories of our life with him. He inspires us, but let’s talks about real instead of reel today. 
5 Lessons every one of us can learn from ‘our Hero’. The man from nowhere to zenith of zeniths! 



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1. Are you good at something? Congrats! But let’s try something new.- You called him ‘The King of Romance’ he accepted and continued. Let it be Darr, KKHH, KANK, DDLJ, HNY or Don you all have seen a different SRK every time. Let them define your forth, but never stop experimenting with yourself; you never know what you are best at. Always discover the undiscovered territories: Like your star does, try new things.


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2. It is good to have that thing- not ego but that extra positive attitude. – It is good to have ‘that’ attitude with you, if you are successful enough to own it. It will constantly run in your veins if you have experienced the quote: Farsh se Arsh Tak, but you should never let the success cage up your brain. Stay on ground with the attitude of reality: like your star does, own the attitude of your achievements. 


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3. Let it be small, but at least start. – Let it be the small debut chance in Dil Dariya or Fauji, take it as you never know it may lead you to 14 filmfares! (Highest by any actor). Life would give you many chances which you may think are very small and not per se your talent, but take them! Take every shitty opportunity: like your star did, ‘Never miss out on any opportunity’.


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4. Climb, but never forget the one whose back you stepped to climb – The greatest is the one, who never stands alone on the heights. ‘Hum ek baar jeete hai, ek baar marte  hai or pyaar? Pyaar bhi ek hi baar hota hai!’ And the rest is history. Let the world call him King of Romance but he is just Shahrukh at his home, for his loved ones, for his Gauri. I’m sure you have never heard of any rumors about SRK’s love affairs, and that is exactly what makes him what he is:  The King of Hearts. So, no matter how branded your name is you should never forget the people who pushed you up in your bad times: like your star didn’t. 


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5. Jo kuch nahi karte, wahi ek din kamal karte hai – let the world disgrace you. If they don’t believe in you, let it be that way. If they ignore you, let them do it; but at the end make sure, they regret their behavior their entire life! Failed? Fucked up? Shut up! Stand up and Work! Life will punch you several times but make sure when you do it, it is the knock out one: like your star did, worked silently till his success took over the world.

Actors will come and actors will go, but only some become STAR. He is the one. On his legendary 51st, let’s hope ‘our forever love’ for SRK will last till oblivion. We may say, he is what we made him, but trust me fellows he is the one: 
The man you know, struggle you don’t! 
#HappyBirthdaySRK #World’sBiggestStar

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