When Tripura made headlines!

Rarely has this remote state in the hilly North east was successful in making the news, which could be one of the significant reasons of why most Indians aren’t even aware of its existence. But 2018 is unlike all previous years, when the genesis of a new government made the state familiar to a lot more people than previously known.

The events that took place on February 18th 2018 changed the only consistent identity of this state- by removing the bastion of the Left winged or more precisely the CPI. After 25 years of a single party ruling, many expected the similar results of 2013 to remain. Reactions varies on all sides of the spectrum and the probability of the future is being perceived in many variations.

However, avoiding any over exaggerated premonitions, would be best as of now. Being a state where infrastructure is still developing and private businesses stand skeptical about landing themselves there, swift change needs to be the command for faster progress. Unemployment for the youth still remains a titanic challenge that needs to go down as well. These are many other urgent issues that the government would require to face. The changes that CPI was unable to make for more than two decades, people are now hoping will be a reality under BJP leadership.
On March 3rd 2018, CPI was compelled to face the facts and concede to the BJP’s win. Together with Indigenous People’s Front of Tripura, BJP has managed to secure majority wins by having a vote share of 50.5% compared to the 42.80% vote share of CPI.

I am more than certain that the people of the third smallest state in India will be able to get along with this change and will welcome the BJP and its promise to change the perils of this state in terms of jobs and infrastructure.